Welcome To The Opshop!

Imagine if the local economy of an entire village could be re-established by a series of loveable opshops. The perfect small business in todays age of consumerism and stuff. Entirely recycled, completely green, and all at the right price. Take one rural community, a main street that has almost shut down, a hearty population of 500, one artist and the best question ever asked “What Would Love Do Now?” and we’ve got ourselves a grand social experiment…Welcome to The Ashford Opshops!

We have been to loads of opshops on our travels but have never seen a Llamacorn wall before nor seen so many beautifully painted flowers. This is a little gem tucked away in the heart of Ashford, NSW. Highly rec. Rachael & Jerome Vic

“Cutest Opshop Ever”

We recently had the pleasure of visiting the Ashford Opshop in its second week of business. Not only did we find some wonderful treasures, the staff were just so friendly we came back three times. Of course there was no cuter staff member than Monty the Poodle whom delighted my husband and i with a new outfit every visit. Annette & Richard, NSW

The Friendliest Opshop in NSW!

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